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Being surrounding by friends and family is something every soul has aspired to achieve at one point or another. Now, in the age of Facebook and Twitter, the word “friend” has taken on a whole new meaning, and interestingly, light is being shed upon the very concept of “friends”–following, family, close, or otherwise.

For those who have found themselves in the awkward and sometimes painful position of posting and receiving a handful of likes or none at all, especially when it comes to posts of true conviction regarding faith, politics, or weighty societal issues, I think that we would all do well to re-evaluate the term “friend”. A true friend is rare–A treasure and gift from God. A true friend is usually like-minded about what is important and there is nothing more important than God and His will. Others that we call friends are really more acquaintances and fellow citizens. Though they are our brothers and sisters in the human sense, those who are really our friends and family would support our deeply-held beliefs and convictions and respect us for having the courage to convey them.

An easy and quick way to see this play out is to post a joke or some mindless drivel or picture and note who “likes” it. Then, a few days later, post something that requires an action, such as prayer, or post a “pro-life” slogan. You will quickly see the contrast and in that contrast, you can more accurately assess who are friends and who may be more accurately called acquaintances or fellow citizens, or your neighbor.  This doesn’t mean that some of these people do not have value to offer you, and you to them, but it will help you when you feel the “burn” of silence. Many agree with you, but do not have the moral conviction or the emotional maturity or strength to say so. Remember, just days after parading Jesus through the streets in honor, the people fell away and shouted Barabbas’ name rather than Jesus’. It takes courage and true character and conviction to speak the truth even when it is not popular. May the Holy Spirit fill us with wisdom and strength to continue to serve Him. May He grant us great love for all–friend or foe and give us the grace and wisdom to see things as they truly are rather than following after an illusion.

A bunch of Catholic bloggers are participating in #ShowUsYourList and adding at least three novels to recommend to counter this awful book and movie, 50 Shades of Grey. I challenge those who are upset about this perverse and destructive story to promote, instead, books that promote life, true love, genuine entertainment that will improve and encourage rather than to destroy souls. Of course, my 3 picks are:

Good Sinner cover     A Child Will Lead Them Coverforgetmenot cover

Whatever Happened to the Good Guys?

We are killing our children. What an ugly, shameful reality. Every second—of every minute—of every hour—of every single day, a baby is killed in the womb—and those are the ones we know about.

Andrea Bocelli, the famous opera singer could have been among the dead—doctors advised his mother to abort him due to potential birth defects caused by treatment of her appendicitis. Though he was born blind, he has thrilled the world with his musical talent and is very happy with her decision.

Twin girls I know were given a death sentence by multiple physicians who told their mother to “abort and start over”—as if she was molding figures out of play-dough.  One baby was expected to die immediately; the other, if she lived, was expected to have severe physical and mental disabilities. Both girls were born perfectly healthy. Their names? Faith and Hope—two beautiful girls who are now three years old and utterly delightful.

Imagine what our world would look like without Leonardo Davinci? What would it sound like without Beethoven? Both men would have very likely been exterminated had they been born in our current, “enlightened” times.  We have snuffed out nearly 55 million of our children in the 42 years since abortion was legalized. Who were they?  Perhaps among the victims were those who could unlock the cure for cancer, autism, or Alzheimer’s disease. Perhaps some were great men and women of God, humanitarians, and peacemakers, like Blessed Mother Teresa, or Saint Pope John Paul II, whose mother was advised to save her own life rather than her son’s. She chose life, without question.

How has it come to be that our country—“one nation, under God” actually condones and funds this type of brazen disregard for human life? Aren’t we the USA? Aren’t we the good guys? How is it that we don’t see these unborn children as human beings—as our very own? Why are our unborn children killed with our consent, but if a person is caught killing a puppy or shooting an animal out of season, they are fined and may even face jail time? How about we quit calling an unborn child a “baby” if the mother wants him/her, and a “pregnancy” when she does not. Why can a woman kill her own baby without the father’s consent, yet if the father causes the death of the woman’s unborn baby, he is a murderer? Sound backwards and horrific? It is!  We have made such a mess through this wicked behavior that we have created a “gray area” which has now turned blood-red. Recently, scientists discovered that the DNA of a mother’s children can be found in her brain—for her lifetime. An abortion doesn’t keep a woman from being a mother, it makes her the mother of a dead baby.

During the recent trial of late-term abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, a nurse testified to “hearing a baby scream during a live abortion”.  Gosnell is not the only present-day monster who does late term abortions—he’s the monster who got caught.  Ironically, many people who would defend and fund these late-term abortions are also screaming, “Black lives matter!” This is especially hypocritical considering the fact that 78 percent of New York City abortions were done on black or Hispanic babies, and the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, hoped to rid our country of poor blacks through its operation. President Obama…“Reverend” Sharpton… where is your outrage?  I daresay, pro-life Martin Luther King, Jr. would find your hypocritical behavior appalling.

The number of children throughout the world destroyed by abortion is so astronomical that some countries, suddenly alarmed to discover that their race is not replacing itself, are now pleading with their citizens to reproduce. There could come a time when many nationalities and cultures will be no more.  Are we next?

How can any of us wake up each morning or go to bed each night without a fervent determination to stop this slaughter of the innocents—innocents who were conceived in a country that promised liberty and justice for ALL? We have become a nation of hypocrites and cowards. We are not fighting hard enough!

I thought we were supposed to be the good guys.  

“Woe to you who call evil good and good evil…who acquit the guilty…and deprive the innocent of his right.” Isaiah 5:20, 23

With the primary election on the horizon, I have been reflecting on the candidates. Admittedly, there are things about most that I agree with, but all have policies that I would change a little, if not, considerably. As I write this at three a.m., since I am unable to put this worry from my mind, it is important to me to make one last effort to reach voters of conscience—and perhaps even the candidates, themselves. There is one issue that needs to be at the center of this election, and more importantly, how we run our state and country—respect for life. Those who are rejecting the fundamental truth that life begins at conception have flawed thinking. This fact has been proven by science, and moreover, those of us who believe in God should be convinced that we dare not defy God’s commands—for any reason.

Where a candidate stands on abortion is very telling—more so if that candidate also claims to be Catholic or Christian. When God has commanded, “Thou shall not kill”, yet a candidate finds “loop-holes” to ignore this command, they are guilty of moral relativism—my truth is my truth, and your truth is yours. In essence, they are re-writing the commands of God.  Somehow, they have become convinced that the laws of God can be bent to their own or to the people’s will. Most assuredly, however, there is absolute truth! Ask your candidate where they stand on abortion. If the answer is anything but, “I am one hundred percent pro-life”, they are not truly pro-life. The phrase, “I am not pro-abortion” is a cop-out and is always followed by an excuse as to why it should be legal. It’s a sneaky phrase—no one would want to appear to be “for” abortion—even those who consider themselves pro-choice hide behind the word, “choice”—as though the “choice” was not referring to the killing of an innocent baby.

Moral relativism—Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, and Pope John Paul II, all spoke about this great enemy of the Church. It is the enemy of God and the Church because it relies on the wisdom of man rather than God. We will never be successful and fully blessed by God when we deny His Truth, and in doing so, commit sin—especially mortal sin—the killing of an innocent. Candidates who deny fundamental truths of God, in any way, may very well be capable of denying the constitution and the other unalienable rights which our citizens were promised. Moreover, policies or governments that do not adhere to the truth will fall short and begin to crumble in other areas—this is a given, not a possibility. Without truth, man can become convinced of anything. This can lead to further deception and destruction as in the case of the Holocaust. This horrific event happened because Hitler decided that his ways were supreme—it was up to him to choose who lived or who died—up to him to choose what race was worthy or whether the physically or mentally challenged should live. When we condone abortion for any reason, we play God—it’s as simple as that. Abortion is our modern day holocaust. Babies are being killed every single second of every single day—some up until the moment of birth. Wake up! It is happening, and we are condoning it by our silence and apathy! Is a vote for our pocket-book or any issue worth the cost of a life? All the brilliant or seemingly successful policies any candidate promises to implement to improve our state/country will be much like putting a Band-Aid on a giant, gaping, oozing wound of humanity; because without respect for life from the womb to the tomb, our society will continue to crumble. Prime example: Barack Hussein Obama—the most pro-abortion-without-limits president in the history of our country. Uh…how well is our country doing right now?

Ask your candidate! Listen carefully to his/her answer. This is important! As for me, I vote pro-life first and foremost. If a candidate cannot get that right, I feel sure that they will error greatly in other judgments. If a candidate denies the teachings of his/her own proposed faith, doesn’t it stand to reason that they may deny our constitution as well? Think about it. Your vote is literally a matter of life and death.  The tiny voices of more than fifty-five million babies cry out to you from the grave. Vote life!

“For each of us must appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each may receive recompense for what has been done in the body, whether good or evil.” 2Corinthians 5:10

Recently I was informed of a man from Wakeeney who will soon be tried for the murder of his unborn baby—he allegedly tainted his pregnant girlfriend’s pancake with an abortion drug and she miscarried. How very tragic and sad!
Out of this tragic loss, I should, at least, be delighted that this baby’s life is being validated by the charge of murder. Yet, I am heartsick over the senselessness of it all. This shouldn’t have happened. There is no denying that this case will be an atrocious mess to unravel and maybe impossible to judge justly. Why? Because our country is awash with hypocrites and laws that contradict and deny Truth.

Obviously, I do not, in any way, condone what this man did—indeed, he killed his unborn child. Yet, if the tables were turned, our laws would allow the mother to take the same drug, achieve the same result, yet it would be perfectly legal. FACT: It’s only considered murder if the baby was wanted. If the baby is unwanted or “inconvenient”, we call it abortion. FACT: A woman can choose to end her baby’s life up until the day it is born and the father of the child has absolutely zero rights regarding the child. (If you don’t believe this is still happening in the good ol’ U.S. of A, you are completely naïve, or perhaps too stubborn to seek or admit the truth.)

So, considering the freedom a mother has to take her child’s life, how can our society accuse this father of the murder of his unborn child without also accusing each and every one who willingly takes the abortion drug or procures other types of abortions? How about charging the pharmaceutical companies with murder—aren’t they at least an accessory? Has the company who distributed the drug been charged? The internet site? How about those who condone and fight to keep abortion legal—aren’t they partly culpable as well? My point is that many who are pointing a finger at him will never realize their own part in the murder of this poor woman’s innocent child.

Whether it is admitted or not, our society has helped to foster this man’s mindset—that life is dispensable. This destructive rationale has created a culture of death, encouraging an atmosphere which fed the sick mind of Kermit Gosnell—a conscienceless abortionist who came to a point where he committed heinous and cruel acts on both the born and unborn. Apparently, after doing his legal “job” for so long, he didn’t see the difference as to when or how the babies were murdered, just so long as they were killed. FACT: It was our laws that gave him license to kill—but only in a certain way, and only when we say so—for an appropriate fee of course. Sickening!

Am I calling out those who have repeatedly and stubbornly voted in favor of abortion rights, despite the overwhelming evidence that life begins at conception? Yes! If the shoe fits, wear it! You should, to some degree, rightly take part ownership of the attitude that Gosnell and others like him have developed. It is you, through your actions or apathy, who say to this grieving woman, “The baby you carried in your womb was not really a child, but a choice.” It is you who have helped contribute to the skewed thinking of this father as he weighed his options and carried out his deadly actions against his own child. It is you whose hands are stained with the blood of millions of innocent babies, whose mothers carried out their demise with the reasoning, “If it’s legal, it must not be wrong.”

I wonder—will those same people who are screaming in protest because Hobby Lobby chooses not to provide the Plan B abortion drug hope to see this man found guilty of murder? Isn’t that like Judas accusing Pilate? Hitler accusing his henchman?
When is this killing going to end?

My heart deeply hurts for the woman whose child was taken from her, and for her family as well. I am praying for all involved and especially for those who refuse to acknowledge their own guilt, those who refuse to repent. Unfortunately, until our country gets its act together and decides to uphold each and every person’s unalienable right to life—and not just when it is convenient, there will be more suffering, more death, more destruction—even until the end of time, when “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Matthew 13:42


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